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Zero Cold Secure Smart Pants

Upgrade to Zero Cold Secure Smart Pants and you'll never get colder again.

Zero Cold Secure Smart Pants is for you.

With Zero Cold Secure Smart Pants, you can finally stay warmer when going outside.The Solution? (Zero Cold Hot Smart Pants)

Zero Cold Secure Smart Pants is the answer. Its Featuring integrated touch-button control on garment for easy temperature setting.The temperature can be adjusted on three levels,and the temperature changes with the color of the LED lamp.Press and hold the three-second switch button for an initial temperature of 45 degrees (red LED), mid-range 35 degrees (white LED), and minimum 25 degrees (blue LED).In winter, the knee joint is relatively fragile, and the Secure Cold Smart Pants keeps warm, ensuring normal blood circulation in the knee.

You can wear the pants in these occasions such as indoors, skiing, fishing, traveling, camping, cycling, leisure, business, travel, work and winter sports.


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